5 ways to last longer in bed

5 ways to last longer in bed

They say she comes first. The man thinks to himself: “Not that I’m selfish but I can’t last long enough before coming myself.”

While there are no foolproof ways to fully overcome this, there are certain Jedi mind tricks and physical aids to help delay the premature spewing of your load so as to please the missus. In fact any combination of the 6 techniques we list below will probably improve your current situation.

Jack off an hour or 2 before the act

This technique needs some precision and planning. Do it too early and you risk not being in the mood nor having the ability to get your flaccid schlong up when you have to perform. Do it too late and the effect wears off and you’re back to square one in not being able to last when you have to perform. This technique of jacking off an hour or 2 before the act probably works much better with a regular partner whom you have a regular or an agreed schedule with.

Read while in the act

No we’re not kidding. Multitasking by reading distracts your mind from the main task. Taking a book and reading it aloud while hammering away is probably a bad idea – you may come off as a weirdo. Be creative; there may be some posters in the room or pillow labels on bed that you can train your reading attention on. The key to this technique is distracting the mind.

Picture Osama Bin Laden naked

It doesn’t have to be Osama Bin Laden per se, George Bush works well too. Picturing something ridiculous, non-sexy and possibly revolting is the key here to delaying your climax. This is quite literally mind over matter.

Use thicker condoms

Thicker condoms can help de-sensitise your mini light sabre. This suppresses your urge to blow your load. Sure, it won’t feel as good as unprotected sex or using the thinnest condoms in the world – the Sagami 0.01 5s, but if your intergalactic mission is to come after your partner, this is a good option to consider. Durex’s Extra Safe 12s is as good as it gets when it comes to thicker condoms with better protection.

Use climax control condoms

Condoms with benzocaine at the tip on the inside of the condom is probably the easiest way to prolong your time in bed. The benzocaine helps numb your penis a little to reduce the intense feeling of having to ejaculate. Put on the condom, rub the tip of the condom to effectively apply the benzocaine and give it a minute to take effect. In the meantime, continue with your foreplay! Doubling your time in bed at the minimum should be easy peasy with this technique. To experience the magic, get the Durex Performa 12s or the Durex Mutual Climax 12s today!


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