5 places to have sex outside of your bedroom in Singapore

5 places to have sex outside of your bedroom in Singapore

Some years ago, Manpower Minister, Josephine Teo, said Singaporeans “need a very small space to have sex”. Land and space is scarce in Singapore, we understand. But why do it in a small space in the house when we can do it outside in the large expanse of public spaces?

The big upside is that it’s spacious, free and thrilling. Not that it’s completely legal, but as the SAF has taught all hot blooded Singaporean male, do anything you want, just don’t get caught.

With that, we’ve shortlisted some places (FREE!) where couples can take their bedroom activities outside of the confines of small spaces!


Sex on the beach. Everyone’s fantasy and dream but in reality, you really don’t want sand between your butt crack. That said, if you decide that’s still your cup of tea, Sentosa’s is a great place! As night falls and provides you with the cover of darkness, banging on the beach and by the rocks near the sea is an experience unlike any other. Bring a mat along if you don’t want sand in your nether regions.

Botanic Gardens

Unlike Sentosa, you not only get the cover of darkness at Botanic Gardens, but also foliage to aid you in your night time activities. Hide among the bushes or if you’re adventurous, go full monty in the open area near Swan Lake. Just make sure you get out of the gardens before it closes at midnight. Oh, and you’ve been warned, if you decide to get hot and heavy there, especially behind the bushes, make sure you bring mosquito repellent before sexual engagement. You’ve been warned!

Roof of HDBs

You need a little luck for this to happen. Maintenance workers sometimes forget to lock the access to the roofs of HDB flats. If you’re lucky enough to find it, it will likely be among the most unique of experiences. Sure, anyone can do it at the beach or park but the experience of blowing your load while having a fantastic view and literally getting a high on high ground, now that is truly special.

Newly built HDBs

If HDBs are your thing and the roof is out of bounds, your next best bets are newly constructed HDBs. When they’re newly built, its a free for all in that everyone can come and go and are free to access them. You have a window of opportunity of a couple of weeks to more than a month to get some action there since it takes some time for contractors to complete their renovation work before owners start moving in. You can probably screw everyday on a new floor for a month before people start moving in. As with all the above mentioned places, doing it at night is probably much safer and the good news is, there’s no closing time!

Industrial parks

Industrial since security guards are probably having a good time watching TV or sleeping at their desks. If you really want to be a little safer, do it in toilets in industrial buildings which are likely to be unlocked anyway.

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