6 best condoms in Singapore to charge up your sex life!

6 best condoms in Singapore to charge up your sex life!

Almost no one likes putting on a condom for sex. Going raw almost always feels better but condoms are nevertheless essential if you don't want to end up celebrating Happy Father's or Mother's Day prematurely or worse, getting sexually transmitted diseases. If you have to put on a condom to go all the way, you might as well get the best of the lot to charge up your sex life in the bedroom! Now that you've made up your mind to put it on, still, there are so many condom types on the market and you're spoilt for choice. We're here to help! 

We've curated a list of the best condoms you can get in Singapore that will your juices and mojo flowing. Best of all, these are all available for purchase online and you can get them cheaper than buying them from retail stores like Watsons, Guardian or at exorbitantly high prices from Cheers and 7-11!

Beware though that penis size matters when selecting the brand of condoms. Those who are blessed with a bigger package down under should generally go for Durex condoms while Okamoto condoms provides a snugger fit for those who are of average Asian size. Putting on too small a condom will make your penis look and feel like a strangled chicken!

1. Durex Mutual Climax


  • Helps you and your partner create greater intimacy
  • Exterior of condom has ribs and dots to speeds up her to climax 
  • Interior of condom has benzocaine to delay his climax

The Durex Mutual Climax is hands down the best condom for you and your partner, with its dual capabilities of speeding her up to climax and delaying yours. Too many men have issues of cumming before women do. How the Durex Mutual Climax shines is that the exterior of the condom has ribs dots to stimulate her while the interior of the condom is laced with benzocaine which prolongs your excitement so the man can hammer on longer without climaxing fast. No other condoms in Singapore has such capabilities on the market currently! The Durex Mutual Climax helps sex and intimacy to last longer!


2. Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive


  • If you have a big package, prefer Durex but want it thin, this is the right condom
  • Durex's thinnest condoms ever made

If you've got a penis size that's larger than the usual Asian variety, Durex is typically a good fit for you. Now, if you have it big and want the condoms thin, Durex has in the past 1 - 2 years come up with a premium product - the Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive that - that's the thinnest Durex has ever made. The Durex Invisible Extra Sensitive is unlike other Durex condoms you've ever tried, which tend to be on the slightly thicker side.


3. Okamoto Crown


  • Great for the Asian penis size yet thin enough for enjoyment
  • One of the cheapest condoms you can find in Singapore that doesn't suck
  • The most popular condoms tried and tested by Japanese porn stars

The Okamoto Crown condoms are among the most popular condoms within and outside of Japan. The condoms so thin it feels like you aren't wearing anything at all and the best part is, it's among the most affordable of condoms from Okamoto and Durex. No wonder they're were chosen as the favourite among Japanese porn stars. Wonder why the condoms are named Crown? The Okamoto Crown is the king of Okamoto's range of condoms and it's hard to go wrong with the top condom choice of the adult film industry.


4. Durex Pleasuremax


  • Helps your female partner climax faster than you

Does your woman have problems climaxing? The Durex Pleasuremax condoms' exterior has ribs and dots all over that will produce greater pleasure for your partner and get her to climax faster.

The main difference between the Durex Pleasuremax and Durex Mutual Climax is that the former does not have benzocaine inside the condom which will somewhat numb your penis (for longer lasting purposes). 

Okamoto has an equivalent - the Okamoto Harmony which does exactly the same thing.


5. Durex Tingle


  • Cool and menthol sensations for you and your partner when things get hot down there

Forget plain old sex. The Durex Tingle condoms are unique in that it does what its name implies - provide you and your partner with tingling and cooling sensations on your sensitive bits! The menthol in the condom is refreshing and smells real good. Want to get that icy feeling on your penis? The Durex Tingle condom is a better and less messy option than having actual ice on your crotch. 

Okamoto has an equivalent - the Okamoto Cool which does exactly the same thing.


6. Durex Fetherlite Warming


  • Spice up your sex life with condoms that warm you and your partner down under

The Durex Fetherlite Warming condoms brings hot sex to another level. As if sex isn't hot enough, the Durex Fetherlite Warming condoms provide you and your partner with warm sensations. Perfect for sexual encounters in cold air-conditioned rooms.


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